Company Formation Services from AK and Co.

Company Formation

Company Formation…compliance with statutory rules

  • Name check
  • Provision of the original Certificate of Incorporation
  • 4 Bound Copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Personalised Combined Register and Minute Book (softbound) with personalised share

Advice… understanding the issues

  • A 'jargon-free' explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of incorporation to ensure that trading via a limited company is right for you

Taxation Planning… minimising your taxation

  • An overview of tax planning to ensure that you understand the most tax efficient ways of withdrawing money from your company certificates (2 colour)
  • Minutes of the First Meeting
  • Complete Stock Transfer Forms
  • All Companies House forms commonly required when starting to trade.

Taxation Compliance… reducing your worry

  • Completion of all tax forms, including dealing with VAT registration
  • Setting up a PAYE scheme