Accountancy Services from AK and Co

Management Accounts

Until they join us, most clients don’t necessarily understand the benefit of having monthly or quarterly management accounts, and not all accountants are able to offer these as part of their normal services.

If this happens during a trading year rather than at the end, it’s not too late to make relevant and useful changes, allowing us to help clients save money, and improve profitability. By sending us certain information regularly this allows us to provide relevant support, guidance and advice, whether this is support in developing the business and improving it, helping it to grow, or tax saving planning advice.

VAT Returns

It is important to get VAT right and accurately reported. We help our clients through preparing quarterly VAT returns and advising on what can and cannot be reclaimed.

Year End Accountancy Services

As part of the support you can expect from AK and Co we contact you to advise when certain information is needed for year end accounts. And this starts the day after your year-end.

We work to year end accountancy rather than deadline accountancy and believe that by getting information in and accounts prepared early for you allows us to provide you with relevant support, guidance and advice as well time to budget for forthcoming tax bills etc.